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What is a water fed pole & why use it?

You may have seen a window cleaner hard at work, applicator & squeegee in hand, up & down the ladder leaving only shiny glass behind. Perhaps you admired their finesse with a squeegee or you were just happy to see through the windows again. Either way, while these trade essentials are still thriving, a new tool is being added to many window cleaner’s buckets… the water fed pole.

What is a water fed pole & why are so many window cleaners using it? Simply put, it is an extendable pole with a brush on the end that is fed pure water from a filtration system. This may sound strange as a cleaning system since there’s no chemical or soap involved & the windows are not squeegeed dry after being scrubbed with the brush. So how does it clean?

Because it uses pure water, filtered of all sediment, minerals, & impurities, the water droplets left behind evaporate away spot-free. This doesn’t mean the windows don’t get a good scrubbing. With some water fed poles telescoping up to 70 feet, even the out of the way windows can be reached safely with the brush & all debris & dirt are rinsed away with pure water leaving only crystal clear glass.

So the next time The Irish Guy comes to clean your windows & instead of a squeegee in his hand you see a water fed pole, you’ll know what it is & you can have a chat about it.

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