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How to banish hard water stains (& tips so they don't come back!)

Hard water stains, those white filmy marks that look like water droplets or water runs that never go away no matter how hard you scrub or rinse. Ugh. What can be done to remove them? And how can you make sure they don't come back?

First, know what you're up against... Hard water stains are the visible remains of minerals & metals carried in your water supply. Once the water evaporates, these little debris settle on the surface of your glass, building up as more & more sediments are carried there by water.

Aside from being unsightly, hard water stains can actually lead to glass damage. That means removing them is more than a cosmetic treatment; it's a money saver. However, if you've ever tried to tackle weathered hard water stains than you know that can be easier said than done.

The first thing to do when battling hard water deposits is locating the source of the problem. Sprinklers, gutters, or other sources of run off or spray could be the reason hard water is getting to your windows in the first place. Removing the source of hard water is a big part of resolving the issue for good.

Secondly, call a professional. Don't try to DIY it. Look for someone who has the know-how & experience to treat hard water stains. The reason being that the chemicals &/or tools to remove these pesky stains are strong enough to do some damage if not used properly. Also, a professional can assess your windows to let you know what is staining & what is glass damage that must be repaired, saving you a lot of time trying to scrub away what may never come off.

If hard water has you drawing the blinds, give The Irish Guy a call & set up an estimate today.

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